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Performing Indigeneity: New Essays On Canadian Theatre

Author: Yvette Nolan
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This volume of newly commissioned essays about Indigenous performance is the first in which all of the contributors are Indigenous artists or academics. Scholars were invited to write essays on some aspect of Indigenous performance and artists were asked to contribute statements on whatever they felt was important to them as theatre creators. As with any good assembly of like-minded members, themes and observations emerged, dovetailing and echoing each other, touching on theatre training, cultural identity, Indigenous theatre history, and claiming space, among others. A companion to the existing two-volume anthology Staging Coyote?s Dream, the authors gathered here?identifying as Cree, Mohawk, Creek, Ntlakapamux, Stó:l?, and many other nations?open a conversation, inviting more voices to join in illuminating the history of Indigenous performance in Canada and blazing a trail forward. Contributors: Tara Beagan Jill Carter David Geary Carol Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes Falen Johnson Michelle La Flamme Jani Lauzon Andréa Ledding Daniel David Moses Marrie Mumford Starr Muranko Yvette Nolan Michelle Olson Dylan Robinson June Scudeler Jason Woodman Simmonds Drew Hayden Taylor

This volume on Indigenous theatre is edited by Yvette Nolan and Ric Knowles and features an all-Indigenous table of contents that will accompany the two-volume anthology Staging Coyote's Dream.

Yvette Nolan is a playwright, dramaturge, and director. In 1996, she was the Aboriginal Writer-in-Residence at Brandon University, where she wrote the first draft of Annie Mae?s Movement. Her other plays include BLADE, Job?s Wife, Video, the libretto Hilda Blake, and the radio play Owen. She is also the editor of Beyond the Pale: Dramatic Writing from First Nations Writers and Writers of Colour and co-editor of Refractions: Solo. She was the president of Playwrights Union of Canada from 1998?2001, and of Playwrights Canada Press from 2003?2005. Born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to an Algonquin mother and an Irish immigrant father, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she lived in the Yukon and Nova Scotia before moving to Toronto.

Contemporary Japanese Women's Theatre And Visual Arts

Author: Nobuko Anan
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This book traces the history of 'girls' aesthetics,' where adult Japanese women create art works about 'girls' that resist motherhood, from the modern to the contemporary period and their manifestation in Japanese women's theatrical and dance performance and visual arts including manga, film, and installation arts.

Nobuko Anan is Lecturer in Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. She has published articles on Japanese women's performance and visual arts in anthologies and journals such as TDR and Theatre Research International. She received her PhD from Theatre and Performance at University of California Los Angeles, USA.

Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters

Author: Balfour, Michael
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Exploring theatre works created for, by, and with refugees, this hybrid collection of essays combines newly commissioned scholarly work with examples of writing by refugees themselves. These varied contributions illuminate performances that range from theatre in Thai refugee camps to site-specific works staged in a run-down immigrant community in the United Kingdom. An exciting addition to the growing field of applied theatre, Refugee Performance provides inspiring insight into the resilience and creativity of artists responding to one of the most critical issues of our time.

Chapter titles


Chapter 1: Iraqi Memories. A Personal and Poetic Exploration of Homecomings, Departures and Arrivals from a Theatre Director Who Fled Iraq in 1987 and Returns Home Again 
Niz Jabour

Chapter 2: On Stitches 
Michael Balfour and Nina Woodrow

Chapter 3: Health Theatre in a Hmong Refugee Camp: Performance, Communication, and Culture 
Dwight Conquergood

Chapter 4: Play Extract: Forged in Fire
A performance text created by Okello Kelo Sam, Laura Edmondson,and Robert Ajwang?

Chapter 5: Narrative Theatre as an Interactive Community Approach to Mobilizing Collective Action in Northern Uganda 
Yvonne Sliep, Kaethe Weingarten, and Andrew Gilbert

Chapter 6: Marketing Trauma and the Theatre of War in Northern Uganda 
Laura Edmondson

Chapter 7: Encounters in the Aida Refugee Camp in Palestine: Travel Notes on Attending Alrowwad Theatre?s Production of Handala (2011) 
Rand T. Hazou

Chapter 8: Rape as War Strategy: A Drama from Croatia 
Sanja Nikcevic

Chapter 9: Far Away, So Close: Psychosocial and Theatre Activities with Serbian Refugees 
Guglielmo Schininà

Chapter 10: Play Extract: Refugees 
Zlatko Topcic (Translated into English by Davor Diklic)

Chapter 11: ?Politics Begins as Ethics?: Levinasian Ethics and Australian Performance Concerning Refugees 
Tom Burvill

Chapter 12: Refugee Performance: Encounters with Alterity 
Michael Balfour

Chapter 13: Repeat Performance: Dancing DiDinga with the Lost Boys of Southern Sudan 
Felecia Faye McMahon

Chapter 14: Theatre as a Healing Space: Ping Chong?s Children of War 
Yuko Kurahashi

Chapter 15: Drama and Citizenship Education: Tensions of Creativity, Content and Cash 
Sarah Woodland and Rob Lachowicz

Chapter 16: Inclusive Democracy: A Consideration of Playback Theatre with Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Australia
Rea Dennis

Chapter 17: Hospitable Stages and Civil Listening: Being an Audience for Participatory Refugee Theatre 
Alison Jeffers


'A commendable resource' ? Choice by A. H. Fabos

'Editor Michael Balfour collates seventeen chapters which offer a comprehensive overview of the types of performance practices that can emerge from areas of displacement, and liminal or temporary spaces ... Its strength lies in this multi-regional approach' ? Studies in Theatre and Performance, Dawn Fowler

'[the book] presents an impressive array of perspectives on refugee performance by social workers, folklorists, writers, lawyers, theatre artists, and refugees themselves.' ? S.E. Wilmer, Journal Contemporary Theatre Review

'This book is the first comprehensive collection of essays on the practices and criticism of refugee performance. It presents a much needed wide range of reflections and analyses on refugee performance and procedural experiences from diverse approaches and regions. Through the lenses it provides, the book examines the aesthetics of contextualised performances, creative tensions and the dynamics of theatre as a healing space.' ? Jessica A. Kaahwa, South African Theatre Journal

Applied Theatre: Resettlement: Drama, Refugees And Resilienc

Author: Balfour, M & Bundy, P
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The book offers a compelling combination of analyis and detailed description of aesthetic projects with young refugee arrivals in Australia. In it the authors present a framework that contextualises the intersections of refugee studies, resilience and trauma, and theatre and arts-based practice, setting out a context for understanding and valuing the complexity of drama in this growing area of applied theatre.Applied Theatre: Resettlementincludes rich analysis of three aesthetic case studies in Primary, Secondary and Further Education contexts with young refugees. The case studies provide a unique insight into the different age specific needs of newly arrived young people. The authors detail how each group and educational context shaped diverse drama and aesthetic responses: the Primary school case study uses process drama as a method to enhance language acquisition and develop intercultural literacy; the Secondary school project focuses on Forum Theatre and peer teaching with young people as a means of enhancing language confidence and creating opportunities for cultural competency in the school community, and the further education case study explores work with unaccompanied minors and employs integrated multi art forms (poetry, art, drama, digital arts, clay sculptures and voice work) to increase confidence in language acquisition and explore different forms of expression and communication about the transition process. Through its careful framing of practice to speak to concerns of power, process, representation and ethics, the authors ensure the studies have an international relevance beyond their immediate context.Drama, Refugees and Resiliencecontributes to new professional knowledge building in the fields of applied theatre and refugee studies about the efficacy of drama practice in enhancing language acquisition, cultural settlement and pedagogy with newly arrived refugee young people.

Michael St Clair Balfouris the Chair of Applied and Social Theatre in the Faculty of Education at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. His publications includeRefugee Performance: Practical Encounters(2012),Performance: In Place of War, with J. Thompson and J. Hughes (2009),Drama as Social Intervention, with J. Somers (2006), andPrison Theatre: Theory and Practice(2004).Bruce Burtonis Chair in Applied Theatre in the School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. He is the author of eight books in the field of drama and applied theatre. Associate ProfessorPenny Bundyworks in the field of applied theatre and drama education in the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.Julie Dunnis Associate Professor at Griffith University, Australia.Nina Woodrowis a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Terror And Performance

Author: Rustom Bharucha
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This work goes where other books fear to tread. It reaches the parts other scholars might imagine in their dreams but would neither have the international reach nor the critical acumen and forensic flourish to deliver. --Alan Read, King's College London.

This book is not only timely. It is overdue and it is a masterpiece unrivalled by any book I know of. -- Erika Fischer-Lichte, Freie University Berlin

The first and only book that focuses on the intersections of performance, terror and terrorism as played out beyond a Euro-American context post-9/11. It is an important work, both substantively and methodologically. -- Jenny Hughes, University of Manchester

A profound and tightly bound sequence of reflections a rigorously provocative book. -- Stephen Barber, Kingston University London

In this exceptional investigation Rustom Bharucha considers the realities of Islamophobia, the legacies of Truth and Reconciliation, the deadly certitudes of State-controlled security systems and the legitimacy of counter-terror terrorism, drawing on a vast spectrum of human cruelties across the global South. The outcome is a brilliantly argued case for seeing terror as a volatile and mutant phenomenon that is deeply lived, experienced, and performed within the cultures of everyday life.

Rustom Bharucha is Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. He is a writer, director, dramaturg and cultural critic, as well as the author of several books, including Theatre and the World: Performance and the Politics of Culture (Routledge, 1993).

History, Memory, Performance

Author: Dean, David And Yana Meerzon
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History, Memory, Performance is an interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring performances of the past in a wide range of trans-national and historical contexts. At its core are contributions from theatre scholars and public historians discussing how historical meaning is shaped through performance.

Refugees, Theatre And Crisis: Performing Global Identities

Author: Jeffers, A
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Using examples of refugee arts and theatrical activity since the 1990s, this book examines how the 'refugee crisis' has conditioned all arts and cultural activity with refugees in a world where globalization and migration go hand in hand.

Staging Strangers: Theatre And Global Ethics

Author: Barry Freeman
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Twenty-first-century media and political discourse sometimes makes "strangers" - refugees, immigrants, minorities - the scapegoats for social and economic disorder. In this heated climate, theatre has the potential to promote greater compassion and empathy for outsiders. A study of cultural difference in contemporary Canadian theatre, Staging Strangers considers how theatre facilitates an understanding of distant places and issues. Theatre in Canada, and especially in Toronto, has long been a place for communities to celebrate their traditions, but it is now emerging as a forum for staging stories that stretch beyond the local and the national. Combining archival research and performance analysis, Barry Freeman analyzes the possibilities and hazards of representing strangers, and the many ways the stranger on stage may be fetishized or domesticated, marked for assimilation, or turned into an object of fear. A fresh look at ways to cultivate ethical responsibility for global issues, Staging Strangers imagines a role for theatre in creating a more tolerant, caring, and cooperative world.

Barry Freeman is professor of theatre and performance studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

"Ethnic," Multicultural, And Intercultural Theatre

Author: Knowles, Ric & Mundel, Ingrid
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Volume 14 in the series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English  "Audiences for intercultural theatre in our experience have become increasingly diverse in recent years, at productions by genuinely intercultural companies... Productions no longer need appeal either to the traditional white middle-class audience of Canada's so-called "main stages" (including those of the former "alternative" theatres) nor to communities narrowly defined by culture or interest?what used to be called "preaching to the converted..." ?from the introduction

Migration And Performance In Contemporary Ireland

Author: Charlotte Mcivor
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This book investigates Ireland's translation of interculturalism as social policy into aesthetic practice and situates the wider implications of this 'new interculturalism' for theatre and performance studies at large.Offering the first full-length, post-1990s study of the effect of large-scale immigration and interculturalism as social policy on Irish theatre and performance, McIvor argues that inward-migration changes most of what can be assumed about Irish theatre and performance and its relationship to national identity. By using case studies that include theatre, dance, photography, and activist actions, this book works through major debates over aesthetic interculturalism in theatre and performance studies post-1970s and analyses Irish social interculturalism in a contemporary European social and cultural policy context.  Drawing together the work of professional and community practitioners who frequently identify as both artists and activists,Migration and Performance in Contemporary Ireland proposes a new paradigm for the study of Irish theatre and performance while contributing to the wider investigation of migration and performance.  

Introduction. Towards a New Interculturalism?.- Part I. Intercultural Production Infrastructures..- Chapter 1.Playboy of the Western Worldand Old/New Interculturalisms.-  Chapter 2. Casting, Translation and Adaptation as Interculturalism-from-Below.-  Part II. Producing the Intercultural Subject.- Chapter 3. Performing Historical Duty.- Chapter 4.  Labour(ed) Relations: Migrant Women and Performative Labour.-  Part III. Intercultural Publics.-  Chapter 5. Community Theatre as Active Citizenship.- Chapter 6. Essences of Social Change.-  Conclusion. The "New Irish"? .

Charlotte McIvor is a lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway in the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance.  She is the co-editor ofStaging Intercultural Ireland: Plays and Practitioner Perspectives(with Matthew Spangler) andDevised Performance in Irish Theatre: Histories and Contemporary Practice(with Siobhán O'Gorman).  She has published inModern Drama, Irish University Review, Irish Studies Reviewand multiple edited volumes on contemporary theatre and performance. 

Performing Exile, Performing Self: Drama, Theatre, Film

Author: Meerzon, Yana
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This book examines the life and art of those contemporary artists who by force or by choice find themselves on other shores. It argues that the exilic challenge enables the émigré artist to (re)establish new artistic devices, new laws and a new language of communication in both his everyday life and his artistic work.

Staging Coyote's Dream Volume 1

Author: Knowles, Ric And Monique Mojic
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An anthology of First Nations drama in English, Staging Coyote's Dream is the first anthology of First Nations plays to be published in Canada. It brings together ten major plays by First Nations playwrights living in Canada and the United States. The collection will be required reading for specialists and students of Native Studies, Native theatre or literature, and will serve as an outstanding introduction to newcomers to the field.

Staging Coyote's Dream Volume 2

Author: Monica Mojica + Ric Knowles
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Path With No Moccasins by Shirley Cheechoo
The Indian Medicine Shows by Daniel David Moses
More Than Feathers and Beads by Murielle Borst
Annie Mae's Movement by Yvette Nolan
Trail of the Otter by Muriel Miguel
Governor of the Dew: A Memorial to Nostalgia and Desire by Floyd Favel
Confessions of an Indian Cowboy by Margo KaneBurning Vision by Marie Clements
Please Do Not Touch the Indians by Joseph A. Dandurand
The Scrubbing Project by Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble

This second volume of Staging Coyote's Dream is an all-new anthology of First Nations drama in English that follows up on the success of the first volume. It brings together plays by some of the leading Native playwrights in North America, some of which have not been previously published. Like its predecessor it will be required reading for specialists and students of Native Studies, Native theatre or literature, and will serve as an outstanding introduction for newcomers to the field.

Monique Mojica is a Kuna and Rappahannock actor and playwright based in Toronto. She began training at the age of three and belongs to the second generation spun directly from the web of New York's Spiderwoman Theater. She is a longtime collaborator with Floyd Favel on various research and performance projects investigating Native performance culture. Her published plays include Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots and Birdwoman and the Suffragettes. She is an acclaimed stage and film actor, nominated for best supporting actress by Native Americans in the Arts for her role in Smoke Signals. Monique is former Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts, and the editor of a special issue of Canadian Theatre Review on Native theatre. Monique was seen as Caesar in Death of a Chief, Native Earth's adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. She is currently creating Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way. She continues to explore theatre as healing, as an act of reclaiming historical/c


Author: Moses, Daniel David
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A darkly comic and theatrical fantasia, this sequel to Big Buck City follows the continuing journeys of the First Nation families the Bucks and the Fishers. Exploring the nature of communication and the ongoing struggle Aboriginal peoples in Canada face in finding an identity, this bizarre and otherworldly drama makes use of science fiction conventions to express an indigenous worldview.

Pursued By A Bear: Talks, Monologues And Tales

Author: Daniel Moses
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Tricksters, medicine shows, and ghosts are some of the story elements discussed in this collection of essays about First Nations Canadian authors. Posing questions about how such folklore adds to the country's collective memory, the essays look at Ben Cardinal's No Name Indians and Generic Warriors; Tomson Highway's The Sage, the Dancer and the Fool; Billy Merasty's Fireweed; Beatrice Mosionier's Night of the Trickster; and Floyd Favel Starr's Lady of Silences. An eye-opening look at Native Canadians as they negotiate their way through white culture, the book also offers insights on Native Americans in similar predicaments in movie westerns and the musical Oklahoma!

Post-Conflict Performance, Film And Visual Arts: Cities Of M

Author: O'rawe And Phelan
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Drawing on a range of cities and conflicts from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the collection explores the post-conflict condition as it is lived and expressed in modern cities such as Berlin, Belfast, Bilbao, Beirut, Derry, Skopje, Sarajevo, Tunis, Johannesburg and Harare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory investigates how the memory of conflict can be inscribed in historical monuments, human bodies and hermeneutic acts of mapping, traversing, representing, and performing the city. Several essays explore the relations between memory, history and urban space; where memory is located and how it is narrated, as well as various aspects of embodied memory; testimonial memory; traumatic memory; counter-memory; false memory; post-memory. Other essays examine the representations of post-war cities and how cultural imaginations relate to the politics of reconstruction in places devastated by protracted urban warfare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory offers a comparative survey of the complex and often controversial encounters between public art, political memory and commemoration in divided societies, as well as offering insights into the political and ethical difficulties of balancing the dynamics of forgetting and remembering.

Performing History: Theatrical Representations Of The Past I

Author: Freddie Rokem
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Research Award in Theatre Practice and Pedagogy from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education

In his examination of the ways in which theatre participates in the ongoing representations of and debates about the past, Freddie Rokem concentrates on the ways in which theatre after World War II has presented different aspects of the French Revolution and the Holocaust, showing us that by ?performing history actors bring the historical past and the theatrical present together.

Theatre's Heterotopias: Performance And The Cultural Politic

Author: Tompkins, J
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Theatre's Heterotopias analyses performance space, using the concept of heterotopia: a location that, when apparent in performance, refers to the actual world, thus activating performance in its culture. Case studies cover site-specific and multimedia performance, and selected productions from the National Theatre of Scotland and the Globe Theatre.

National Theatres In A Changing Europe

Author: Shillington
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Examining the ways in which national theatres have formed and evolved over time, this new collection highlights the difficulties these institutions encounter today, in an environment where nationalism and national identity are increasingly contested by global, transnational and local agendas, and where economic forces create conflicting demands.

Almighty Voice And His Wife

Author: Daniel David Moses
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Almighty Voice and His Wife shakes up a familiar story from the Saskatchewan frontier, reimagining it from the postmodern late twentieth century. The "renegade Indian story" transforms into both an eloquent tale of tragic love and an often hilarious, fully theatrical exorcism of the hurts of history. A modern classic about the place of First Nations people in Canada.

A young couple woo and wed, but they're Cree and it's 1895, the first generation after the Riel Rebellion, and it's suddenly hard for the people who followed the buffalo to live happily ever after. What are they going to do? It's still a bit early to go into show business.

Daniel David Moses is "a coroner of the theatre who slices open the human heart to reveal the fear, hatred and love that have eaten away at it. His dark play? can leave its audience shaking with emotion." (Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail, about The Indian Medicine Shows). Moses, a Delaware from the Six Nations lands on the Grand River, lives in Toronto, where he writes, and in Kingston, where he teaches in the Department of Drama at Queen's University.