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Staging Strangers: Theatre And Global Ethics

Author: Barry Freeman
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Twenty-first-century media and political discourse sometimes makes "strangers" - refugees, immigrants, minorities - the scapegoats for social and economic disorder. In this heated climate, theatre has the potential to promote greater compassion and empathy for outsiders. A study of cultural difference in contemporary Canadian theatre, Staging Strangers considers how theatre facilitates an understanding of distant places and issues. Theatre in Canada, and especially in Toronto, has long been a place for communities to celebrate their traditions, but it is now emerging as a forum for staging stories that stretch beyond the local and the national. Combining archival research and performance analysis, Barry Freeman analyzes the possibilities and hazards of representing strangers, and the many ways the stranger on stage may be fetishized or domesticated, marked for assimilation, or turned into an object of fear. A fresh look at ways to cultivate ethical responsibility for global issues, Staging Strangers imagines a role for theatre in creating a more tolerant, caring, and cooperative world.

Barry Freeman is professor of theatre and performance studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.


Author: Moses, Daniel David
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A darkly comic and theatrical fantasia, this sequel to Big Buck City follows the continuing journeys of the First Nation families the Bucks and the Fishers. Exploring the nature of communication and the ongoing struggle Aboriginal peoples in Canada face in finding an identity, this bizarre and otherworldly drama makes use of science fiction conventions to express an indigenous worldview.

Pursued By A Bear: Talks, Monologues And Tales

Author: Daniel Moses
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Tricksters, medicine shows, and ghosts are some of the story elements discussed in this collection of essays about First Nations Canadian authors. Posing questions about how such folklore adds to the country's collective memory, the essays look at Ben Cardinal's No Name Indians and Generic Warriors; Tomson Highway's The Sage, the Dancer and the Fool; Billy Merasty's Fireweed; Beatrice Mosionier's Night of the Trickster; and Floyd Favel Starr's Lady of Silences. An eye-opening look at Native Canadians as they negotiate their way through white culture, the book also offers insights on Native Americans in similar predicaments in movie westerns and the musical Oklahoma!