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Student Owned


The Agora Bookstore is a student-owned, independent, learning organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the University of Ottawa community.

We along with affiliated locations fall under the wing of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO). (1848, Pivik & Cafe Alt)

We accomplish this by:

  • offering a wide range of products and services at the lowest possible prices;
  • setting new standards in customer service with friendly, knowledgeable and bilingual staff; and
  • remaining open to the ever-changing realities of the community.

We were opened by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa over ten years ago.
Before the Agora was opened, students faced hefty prices of textbooks up to 20% over the suggested retail price. This was because the campus bookstore, owned and operated by Follett (found in the UCU building), had no competition which could battle it as an equal. That all changed once the Agora opened and priced its books below retail, the campus store had no choice but to do the same.
The Agora has saved students hundreds of dollars on their textbooks and continues to do so, even to this day. It is not only a student owned bookstore but it is also the reason the university bookstore can no longer gouge students as much as it did in the past. It remains an essential service and business of the SFUO.

We will continue to strive and prosper for all the students out there, we are the store all about the clients, with no future sight of stopping.

Student Levy

In February 2006, students voted in a second referendum to invest $9/semester in the operations of the Agora.
This levy will be used to allow for the continuation and amelioration of the Agora.
Questions about the levy and how it is used can be sent to info@agorabookstore.ca.

Location and Directions

The Agora Bookstore and Internet Café is located at 145 Besserer Street.
Between Dalhousie and Waller, across the street from Les Suites Hotel