Rental Questions

1-855-TBR-SAVE (1-855-827-7283) or

Please contact our affiliate/fulfillment center for all rental inquiries.
Customer Service Representatives are available Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm EST.


General Inquiries

We are available to answer all your questions during regular business hours which can be found on our website.

You can reach us at 613-56-AGORA (613-562-4672) or 


Customer Service 2
Director 26
Operations Manager 27
Shipping and Receiving 22
Textbook Manager 28

By Department

Accounting 22
Clearance Textbooks 22
Orders – Professors 28
Rentals *
School Supplies 2
Textbooks 2
Web Orders 2

*Rentals are handled by Please call: 1-855-TBR-SAVE (1-855-827-7283)


To make an order, or for inquiries in making future orders with us; Please contact our textbook manager as mentioned above.
You can also reach us by fax at: (613)241-1401

During busy times; You may also find our order form here allowing for a more fast track order submission.


Our Team

Operations Manager: Meaghan Acosta, ext. 27
Meaghan joined the team early 2018, and brings previous experience from bookstore ownership.

Textbook Order Manager: Caterina Caputo, ext. 28.
Caterina joined the team in 2016, and brings with her over 8 years of experience in the book industry.

Shipping/Receiving Manager: Pamela Riveros, ext. 22
Pamela started out as a seasonal employee and through hardwork and persistence made a name for herself within our community.