Custom Course Materials

Just what you want—at just the right price

Whether you want to hand-pick the best materials for your course, or design a more effective learning material for your students, a custom course pack is the solution. Our partnership with Rytec Printing makes course packs easy for you and even easier for your students.

When you order your course packs through Rytec (613-241-COPY) it is possible for your students to buy them at the Agora for the same price while they’re purchasing the rest of their textbooks. By requesting to have your coursepacks carried at the Agora Bookstore, you will give your students one less line to wait through and give them the option of using our convenient online ordering.

All that you have to do is tell the staff at Rytec that you would like your coursepack sold through the Agora and we will take care of it from there. For more information, please Contact our Textbook Manager.