Keeping costs down

With the cost of higher education continuing to rise unabated, we’re sure you’ll agree that students need to find ways of reducing out-of-pocket expenses.  One area where these costs can easily be reduced is the university’s textbook market.  As a member of the University of Ottawa faculty you play a crucial role in keeping down the costs that your students incur when buying course materials.  By choosing to order through the Agora Bookstore you’re helping to ensure fair and competitive textbook prices for your students.  We endeavor to keep the lowest possible prices in order to apply much needed pressures to bookstores that seek to overcharge students for their course materials.

Our history

Founded in 1999 by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), the Agora Bookstore operates on a not-for-profit basis to ensure the best textbook prices to students.  Through its efforts and with the support of likeminded students and professors, the Agora Bookstore has helped to decrease textbook prices across the marketplace serving the University of Ottawa.

Better for students

The Agora Bookstore is dedicated to ensuring not only the best prices but also the best service for students.  Our customers can purchase both new and used books in person or online for convenient delivery or in-store pick-up.  With our extensive used book network backing, we maintain the best buyback list, accepting more used books and offering better rates than our competition.  We also bring in as many titles as possible to offer the best selection to our customers.  Run by students and for students, the Agora Bookstore has a reputation for keeping its customers satisfied.

Our services

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are pleased to help find you suitable course materials and to guide you through our Easy Ordering Process.  While we encourage professors to place their orders as early as possible to ensure the best price and selection, we are very experienced in accommodating orders that come in later.  We are glad to be able to put you in touch with publishers and their sales representatives to help you get the best sense of what products are available.  If you wish to have a Custom Coursepack produced for your students, we can stock your materials produced at Rytec Printing on our shelves for your students convenience.  The Agora Bookstore can also broker your requests for Desk and Examination Copies, sent free at the discretion of the publisher.

Our Location

Our store is conveniently located to campus at 145 Besserer Street at Dalhousie, just across from Les Suites Hotel.

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Our hours and general contacts for store information can be found below.

Textbooks orders can be submitted::

Agora Student Bookstore books@AgoraBookstore.ca
Phone: (613) 562-4672 extension 28
Fax: (613) 241-1401