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Course Material Adoptions

We can accept your orders by whatever means you’d like to reach us. Once you’ve chosen which books you would like to adopt please submit your order either through our online order system or by sending us a completed order form by email, fax, or in person..

Completed orders can be sent by email to books@AgoraBookstore.ca, faxed to 613-241-1401, or dropped off at 145 Besserer Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6A7. If you should have any questions please Contact our Textbook Manager.

Order Form (PDF)

Keeping in Touch

After receiving your order we’ll send a confirmation of receipt and the initial details for your order by email within a day or two. Once we have sourced the best prices for your materials you’ll be sent the final details of your order to confirm before we place our order with a distributor. When the books arrive in the store an automated email is sent to you indicating the new stock quantity.

Ordering Tips

In order to help ensure the best price and selection for your students we urge you to submit your order as early as possible. Given greater notice we often have the opportunity to source more used books (used books usually sell for 25% less than new) and find better prices for new copies. Domestically printed books can take up to 3 weeks to arrive while those printed in the United States can take 4 to 6 weeks. Books sourced from international publishers often ship in a matter of months. If a title is backordered by a distributor or is awaiting a reprinting the shipping dates can be pushed back significantly farther.

Recently updated editions of books often contain changes which do not substantially affect the content covered in a course. Should you choose to adopt an old edition we can often obtain copies of it to sell at a tremendous discount to students. We are always willing to suggest other materials or formats for your course to help your students save money on their textbooks – Contact our Textbook Manager.