Frequently Asked Questions

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We at the Agora understand that whether this is your first year or your fourth, that we all need a little help sometimes. Our team has come up with a list of FAQs to better assist you guys, the students.
Our intention is to make your shopping experience to your future as quick and painless as possible. If your question is not listed below, do no hesitate to contact us @

The Questions

Do you have my book at your store?
If you use our website and search for your book title or course code, any available items that we have registered for that will appear, including two numbers; "In Stock" and "On Order". In stock allows you to know if we currently have any. Or when you are in the store with your course code in hand (for example ADM1100M) we can do a manual system search.

If your store does not have my book, where might I find it?
If the professor has not made an order with us, it's likely we do not have your book however on our website we have an "alternatives" link button that will show you some of the locations that carry this product such as the Campus bookstore (Follett), Chapters and online sources like Kindle. Other known locations that the books may be ordered through is Rytec, Benjamin Books, and Librairie du Soleil.

What is the easiest method to find my books while at your store?
We are capable to find your book in many methods such as Book title, Professor but the most efficient method is by Course Code as this is how we sort our books. The course code is the three letters that describe the course typically followed by four numeral digits and a section; (example: ADM1100M). Using the example on your syllabus it might appear like "ADM1100 M00".

If my book says it's "Out of Stock" with no more listed "On order" does this mean I cannot get it at the Agora?
As a small institute we sometimes under order for the sales that are required. In this situation we highly suggest using our "Follow Me" button located on your books page. It will ask for a cell number or email, this system allows us to know more people are looking for this product and the higher the demand, the higher chance we can make a second, or even third order.

Do I have to be at the Agora to purchase/pick up my books?
Coming into our store located at 145 Besserer St. is just one of the ways you can get your books. We also provide an online purchasing system that all you need is a credit card to use. As for book pick-ups we do have multiple options; in-store, campus, or delivery. Check out our Shipping Policy page for any additional details/costs.

I made an order online and I received an email saying something about wrong card, it is my moms and she said I can use it. Help?!
For the safety and security of our customers we want the person placing the order to use their own card. In this case your mother would fill out the order like she is making it for her and in our Notes/comment section she would than enter in your name saying you will be picking it up. This confirms the card owners identity and gives us the identity of who is claiming the order when it is processed.

I want to return my books, how does this work?
Books can only be returned if they fit in their specific policy (see returns page for more detailed information). The basis rundown is the books must be in the condition you bought them, were they wrapped? did they come with a compenent? etc... After you have verified it is in purchasing condition find the date on your receipt (which you WILL need), if the book is new is it within 14 days, used within 3 days or a non-returnable item such as an ebook or access code? If the book is still eligible go to the store during business hours with the books, receipt, ID and original method of payment (cash, credit or debit). A supervisor will be happy to assist you.

Can I use my flex dollars or my American Express Card(AMEX"?
Unfortunately the only methods of payment we accept is Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard. Fret not if you do not have enough on your debit or credit card, we can split the tender between methods.

How can I make inquiries with the store?
Of course you can come into the store and speak with one of our knowledgable staff but if that is inconvenient for you at the moment you may call (613)562-4672 or send an email to

We hope this assists you on your way to your future endeavours! Keep us in mind for all your money saving, shopping needs.