More categories of card games

More categories of card games

And now we are going to try to categorise some of the card games we all know into different groups, according to much more specific variables that show us the enormous amount of divisions and types of card games that -mostly with Spanish decks- can be found in the complete offer of games.

Free card games

Card games are usually played without money as they are a demonstration of informal leisure that has its origins in simple entertainment among friends or family. Free card games are therefore the dominant trend, especially in games such as brisca, tute, and so on. 

Card games for two: Chinese poker

Let’s remember that poker, when played between two players, is only called heads up. It should be noted that all poker games allow two players to play together. Omaha, Texas Holdem, Chinese Poker or even Stud or Draw games, all allow “one on one” play.

Online card games

Another division that we have already mentioned is the card games offered on the internet. As was the case in the past with traditional poker, online play enhances the experience of many card games, where it is difficult to find opponents to sit at a table with. Because there is such a wide variety of card games and they have a strong regional component, we may find that in our town or city we can’t find people with whom we can enjoy our favourite card game. 

Online card games avoid this problem and allow us to find rivals 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to enjoy our favourite games.

Remember that online card games are not only those offered by the regulated gambling market (blackjack, point and bank and poker) but we also include in this category the social gaming portals that in social networks or mobile applications can offer free games (without real money).

Fun card games

Among these, poker card games are the most exciting for young people, as they can be enjoyed on the internet and are played by everyone. Also with the 

Among the fun card games that are most difficult to categorise are those games that are born out of temporary projects or successes. This is the case of the “Finn & Jake” card games, which are the adaptation in card game format of a successful cartoon show that has triumphed on the internet and which is called “Adventure Time”, a production produced by Pendleton Ward.

This card game is one of the so-called card and board games, and has personalised cards that serve to give the adventurous actions of these two characters from the animated series.

Drinking card games

We have insisted that card games are games for fun. And in this context, it must be recognised that many card games, as is also the case with some traditional games and board games, are widely used for drinking. In countries with a Mediterranean culture, almost any excuse to have a drink is a good one! Although not recommended, it is common practice for some card games to be used for these purposes.

The main characteristic that a drinking card game should have is that it should be simple in terms of rules and that its mechanics and format can be explained very quickly. That is why elaborate and complex card games that require skill and communication between players are not good for this purpose. So games such as remigio, bridge or traditional mus are definitely not suitable to play during fun times when we want to drink beer or any other beverage or soft drink.

That is why among the drinking games we find card games such as liar, “el malaleche” or cinquillo; although they are usually games in which there are basically no specific rules and we use the cards in the deck to perform a specific action.

Card games for one

Among the card games in which only one player plays, we obviously have the whole variety of Solitaire games, such as the aforementioned Spider. But in any case, card games are not usually individual, as it is the social component that prevails and in fact a large part of the rules and formats of card games are based on competition and facing moves between players.

An example of this reality can also be found in poker, where the Texas Holdem variant, or any other such as Chinese poker, is based on two or more players measuring their hand combinations on the basis of a ranking. At the same time, however, there are adaptations that allow card games to be played with a single player, although in poker this is made more concrete with the use of variations of the game that are adapted to casinos, such as Caribbean poker or 3 Card Poker, where a single player can enjoy the gaming experience but faces the house, in the form of the dealer.

3 Card Poker casino card games

One of the advantages of online gambling is that, in contrast to face-to-face gambling, online operators have managed to offer card games that can be played against the operator himself, i.e. the online gambling room offers for example the possibility to play Remigio, Mus or Tute (card games where more players are needed) but the computer system itself takes on the role of the player.

Magic card games

Although in this section we could talk about card games used in magic tricks, conjuring is not the only way in which we can find magic card games.

Magic Gathering Card Games

There are a multitude of card games that have a strategy component and are considered games of skill. The most characteristic game in this case would be Magic The Gathering, a card game that mixes strategy with collecting and that many poker players have known before dedicating themselves to the 52 card game.

Two-deck card games

Although in the world of card games, there are different versions and almost in every region we can find different rules, usually the use of two packs of cards is something optional that is done for the simple reason of increasing the playability and the fun component of the game.

Among the two-deck card games (which allow the use of two decks) we find continental, which is played with two English decks; the game of cinquillo, a traditional Spanish card game, also supports the two-deck version, something that increases the duration and fun of the game.

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