Trends in the development of the gambling business in 2021

Trends in the development of the gambling business in 2021

The beginning of a new financial year is the traditional time for forecasts. What innovations need to be implemented to succeed in the gambling market in 2021, and what working methods should be a thing of the past. All these points need to be comprehended and appreciated not only by casino newcomers who are just appearing on the market but also by business veterans, among which CasinoChan Canada stands out, in order to understand what they are doing wrong and could do better. Read about this and much more in our material.

Using cryptocurrency

The use of cryptocurrencies continues to spread to various business areas, including the gambling industry. Legislative consolidation of the legal status of cryptocurrency assets stimulates their scaling and strengthens their positions.

For online gambling users, the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency provides anonymity and security. This determines the current and future popularity of the method.

According to some analysts, in 2021, cryptocurrencies will gradually replace the old payment methods in gambling. The strongest side of this kind of transaction is the security provided by blockchain technology, thanks to which the likelihood of identity theft is reduced to zero. You can read about the influence of blockchain technology on the development of gambling in our material.

In addition, users tend to choose the cryptocurrency method due to the lowered commission rate, the inability to correct data, and the accelerated procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Live casino

According to experts, players around the world will increasingly prefer live casinos. All thanks to the atmosphere of a traditional gambling establishment while maintaining the main advantage of an online casino – accessibility from your own couch.

An important factor that makes the format even more popular for users is the presence of a live dealer in the game. However, the format is attractive not only for players but also profitable for land-based gambling establishments. The thing is that for its introduction, an online gambling operator must rent a room in a land-based casino, which provides additional income for the latter.

We add that, according to data from H2 Gaming Capital, 25% of online casino income comes from this type of entertainment. The popularity of live casinos is supported by another important trend of the past few years – the spread of mobile gambling.

Mobile gambling

The number of players who visit online casinos using mobile devices is increasing every year. Some portals published the results of a study according to which the number of players using mobile technologies to visit gambling sites increased by 117% between 2015 and 2021.

Such a stunning result is achieved due to the fact that devices become more functional and affordable. Improving the quality of Internet coverage plays an important role in the spread of mobile gambling.

Some casinos even launch their own mobile gambling apps.

New board games

The gambling establishments offer a fairly extensive selection of table games; poker and blackjack remain timeless classics. However, both games require a whole range of specialized knowledge and skills. Since gambling is primarily entertainment, people tend to choose simpler systems. Knowing this, operators are constantly trying to implement new board games that are both simple and fun.

In addition, land-based casino operators understand that their segment is gradually being squeezed out by the online casino industry, and therefore are trying to make the user experience more interactive. 

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