LOL (League of Legends) Betting: Become the King

LOL (League of Legends) Betting: Become the King

Everyone has heard of League of Legends (LOL). It should come as no surprise to anyone, as LOL is the most played MOBA online, with over 100 million monthly players. How does this translate to the world of sports betting? Actually, more and more people are taking up LOL betting, to take their passion beyond the games. The stakes are no longer so high in the own games, but now also in the top-level games.

But the enormous potential of this video game is not limited to the large number of players, as the elite game attracts a large number of spectators. Undoubtedly, the pinnacle comes with LOL World Cup betting, with masses of people betting on the best teams. 

How can you bet on LOL?

Once you have chosen your favourite LOL betting site, be it for betting on the LOL World Cup or any other event, you should know that there are different types of games:

  • Money line or winner bet: This is the simplest bet. But it works. You simply predict which of the two teams will win and by winning you will receive your reward. The higher the odds of winning or the more favourite you are in your League of Legends sports betting, the lower it will be, but if the odds are more remote, your profit will be much higher. In the first case, if the bet is very predictable or there is a clear favourite, we recommend you to “complicate your life a little bit”.
  • Specific events: You can go further and bet on the number of kills (greater or less than x), towers destroyed or any other specific element of the game. These are bets that can go further (they are not exclusive of the winner bet).
  • Map or round winner: You can win something extra by betting on the winner on each map or round of the game. It is similar to moneyline betting, but much more finely tuned.
  • Handicap betting: A concrete example would be the kill handicap. If you see that there is a lot of lopsidedness in a game and moneyline betting is not enough, adding a handicap would be a great option to get more out of it.

Different LOL betting sites may vary their offerings on these types of bets, but these are the most basic.

League Of Legends sports betting tips

As with other eSports, such as Dota or CS:GO, for example, it is recommended that you have a good knowledge of the game in order to bet on it. Let’s be frank here: if you don’t play this MOBA, forget about betting on LOL. The logical step is the other way around, first you like the game and then you bet online or in person. No more “I read on x blog that League of Legends sports betting is very profitable” and betting without knowing the game, guided by the odds.

The next step is to follow the game at a professional level. It is not enough to have played a couple of times or to understand the game. You have to be up to date with the current game goals, and see which characters are being played the most, which have the best results etc. Obviously, you should keep a close eye on the results of the best teams, as you would in any other sport. The game can be as virtual as you want it to be, but by betting on LOL you will lose money. And the losses won’t be virtual at all, they will be real.

“I’m good at LOL, but I’ve never gambled”.

If your background is the reverse, i.e. you know the game and follow it at a professional level (or you are a professional), it’s a bit easier. You simply need to familiarise yourself with the bookmakers’ systems, and some bookmakers can offer you a great advantage: welcome bonuses.

Beyond reading how the systems and odds work well for betting on LOL, you will be able to practice directly when the theory is very clear. The great advantage of betting LOL for free with these welcome bonuses is that you will have some margin for error and your rookie mistakes will not be paid for out of your pocket, as they will be covered by the bonus. (Don’t get complacent either!) With these tips, playing in moderation and taking breaks to play the game… Nothing will go wrong!

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