The keys to shine in your Dota 2 bets

The keys to shine in your Dota 2 bets

First of all, what is a MOBA? A MOBA is short for multiplayer video battle arena game. Certainly, it is as close as possible to team sports, as two teams play against each other, but virtually. The growing interest in eSports has therefore led to a flourishing space for video game betting, but what is the most common mistake in Dota 2 betting? One of the most common problems is not taking betting seriously enough, but by following the tips here, you can bet on Dota 2 or any other video game with the utmost seriousness. Your bets will be as solid, if not more so, than if you were betting on a football, tennis or basketball game.

Top (and compulsory) Dota 2 betting tips

The premise for successful Dota 2 betting is very simple, but many people overlook it: Play Dota2! You shouldn’t bet on this video game because it’s trendy, or because you’ve read on any blog that the odds are very good or the stakes very profitable.

Betting on Dota 2 should be a direct consequence of liking the game, dedicating several hours a week to it and following the best MOBA teams. Betting should be the natural next step after being a gaming geek, never the other way around. Wouldn’t you think of betting on a sport you have no idea about? Well, maybe you would, but it would be wrong anyway.

Advanced tips to win

With a certain base already covered, you can afford to go a little further with your Dota 2 betting. If we assume you play the MOBA and are interested in following the teams, we can move on to the next level:

Latest games and rankings: Know the form of the teams you’ll be facing; which team has the most experience, if they’ve had any changes recently, or even what their head-to-head history is – a top team might struggle against a team that looks worse!

Look at the line-ups: Team changes are very common. Following on from the previous point, it may be that a new player is adapting, that substitutes are involved in a game, or any other detail that makes a difference. These are details, but at a high level of professionalism they can be decisive (for football fans: would you bet the same if Messi is injured or if he is in top form)?

Upgrade and know the game’s meta: The more you play, the better you will be able to bet on Dota 2, as you will know the meta much better. Each patch or update can change the potential of different line-ups, and these changes take time to adapt to.

How to bet on Dota 2?

Congratulations! If you meet the above premises, you are ready to bet on Dota 2. Now, how should you bet? To start with, you can bet on a winner, but if you are very knowledgeable, you can go a bit further. At the other extreme, there is betting on a specific Dota 2 score. If you are a fan of betting on “in-person” sports, you will know that betting on a specific score in football is complicated, as the results are unlimited. In tennis, on the other hand, they are somewhat more likely. In this video game it’s the same, as there are only 4 possible options when betting on a best of 3. But if you consider betting in this way, it is because you already know who will win, which reduces the options to two, but with much higher odds. In this sense, handicap betting can add excitement to your betting as well.

Beyond betting on overall outcomes, you can make side bets, such as which team will get the most kills, destroy the next tower or get the first kill. Obviously, you will be able to make these bets on each map. Adding this can make you enjoy this type of betting more, which should be your main goal. In addition, the welcome bonuses will allow you to place free Dota 2 bets, giving you more room to make mistakes and enjoy yourself.

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