The 6 most famous slot machines in the world

The 6 most famous slot machines in the world

Online slot machines have been available for quite some time now, and although new titles appear on the market every day, not all of them are of excellent quality. 

The list we present to you features the most famous slots in the world, but not only because of their popularity among players; but also because they fulfil all the necessary features to guarantee an excellent experience to all users.

Competition among casino game developers is fierce, but among hundreds and hundreds of titles, these six have been able to win the favour of many players around the world. Let’s find out which ones they are and how they did it.

Gonzo’s Quest

3D graphics were the latest innovation when Gonzo’s Quest appeared on the market. Nowadays its visual features aren’t as impressive because other newer slots have surpassed it, but it still works very well and that has won over players from several generations. If you want good wins, Gonzo’s Quest, developed by NetEnt, is for you.

Dead or Alive

NetEnt is the software developer of this online slot machine that is also well known all over the world. This game is one of the most volatile in the industry, which is why players looking for more adrenaline when spinning the reels prefer it. Dead or Alive’s special gameplay features and graphics have fans and detractors all over the world, but by and large the game is a benchmark within the industry.

The Game of Chronos Unicorn

Slot the game of chronos unicorn is an online slot machine developed by R. Franco Digital. Its design is very cool, the plot is exciting and you can play online with your friends. In addition to its fantasy theme, it has different prizes and special features. The Game of Chronos Unicorn is a slot machine that is pure magic with dreamy payouts. This slot elevates the gaming experience to players of all levels, which is a good feeling when playing with a smaller jackpot.

Miss Fortune

In this online slot developed by Playtech, the main character is Miss Fortune, an attractive witchcraft teacher who provides knowledge and helps with cash prizes to players. This slot looks and plays great, and the sound that accompanies the action has the same mystical feel to it as the graphics, and adds a lot to the user experience. But the best thing about the game, by far, is its special features. You can enjoy free spins and many more surprises.

Eye of the Amulet

It’s time to join the good folks at iSoftBet in their new adventure that’s inspired by ancient Egypt. Two intrepid explorers are searching for the lost Eye of the Amulet, which is believed to have special powers that protect people from evil forces. Eye of the Amulet is a slot machine that has good sound, excellent graphics and enviable cash payouts. This game is entertaining and easy to understand.

Kawaii Kitty

This adorable 3D video slot is the first Slots3 title to be featured on Betsoft’s revolutionary Shift platform. Short load times, fast gameplay and a beloved theme that will win your heart as you earn credits.

Kawaii Kitty is definitely an online slot machine that is all about looks, as Betsoft is known for its high quality images. The graphics are accompanied by cute and entertaining sound that promises to make you spend a lot of time trying your luck within the game.

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